Pilar García


a photo portrait of Pilar

Praise for Pilar

"I'm struck when I read [Pilar's] poetry by the tenderness that slips in. 'I wanna hold hands with myself, wrap myself in silver-streamed shawls and tell myself to sob oceans,' -- Those words are beautiful and more lovely than anything Shakespeare ever wrote."

- José Olivarez

"[Pilar is] completely unapologetic in [their] approach, and [they] are unapologetically [themselves]. [They] have mastered the levels of specificity, of detail, of description, of line, of speaker, of tone. No two poems of [theirs] are alike, and seeing such a range from [them] is very satisfying because I know [they] are not afraid to experiment. So much invention to praise in this collection (Woven Basket Case), specifically the visual poetry comic, and if that isn't the best of what a poem can do, I don't know what it is."

- Iliana Rocha